As a graduate of Veterinary Medical Acupuncture at Colorado State University, Dr Marks is certified to treat your cat, dog, rabbit, (or horse), with the use of acupuncture. 

If you think your pet is a candidate for this mode of therapy, please contact us to schedule a consultation appointment to determine your pet's needs and a plan for acupuncure treatments.

Low Light Laser Therapy

Dr Marks and the Ashfield Cheyne Veterinary Service are excited to offer patients Low Light Laser Therapy treatments. Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a relatively new medical technology. Many clinical investigations have shown its effectiveness and have consistently demonstrated that when animals are treated with light therapy it results in many beneficial effects.

Low Light Laser therapy is a unique delivery of photons (particles of light), which stimulate cells. Positioned within these cells are photo sensitive receptors which absorb specific wavelengths. Once stimulated by the laser light these receptors start a chain reaction within the cell to produce energy known as a ATP, and rapidly communicate the beneficial effects to neighboring cells.

The increase in energy presents multiple benefits such as repair and regeneration to cells damaged from inflamation, lack of blood supply or injury. Low Light Laser Therapy aids in cell repair. As cells heal body organs resume their function. As function improves so signs and symptoms decrease. As healing occurs the need for therapy diminishes.

Conditions that LLLT has been shown to benefit and have positive effects include,

  1. Chronic and acute Pain
  2. Muscle, tendo and ligament problems, such as sprains and tears.
  3. Wound healing.
  4. Allergies and immune disease.
  5. Endocrine disease.
  6. Neurological pain and disorders.

LLLT as a medical instrument and therapy, has highest level of safety and no known side effects, Its applications are many and diverse. The resulting outcome is harmless and beneficial, which can sometimes drastically improve the quality of your animal's life.

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