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We are dedicated to treating your pet as if it were one of our own. We ensure that our wide range of services provide your pet with the highest quality care available.

Examinations & Diagnostics

A thorough physical exam is the most important and fundamental piece of veterinary health care. A comprehensive physical exam involves a complete check of your animal from head to tail. A health history is reviewed to address changes, on going problems and developing problems. This is the easiest and simplest way to prevent problems before they occur. According to the stage of life, either puppies or kittens, adults or older geriatric pets, we design a plan for the future health of your pet.

Puppies and Kittens

We will be anxious to meet all new arrivals. During the first few months, your puppy or kitten will be visiting us several times. We will discuss and plan parasite control, disease prevention, vaccination protocols, nutritional plans, and behavioral guidelines and training techniques. At this time, options for spaying and neutering will be discussed.This will lay the groundwork for a long and healthy life. 

Adult Health Care

We will schedule examinations once or twice a year for our adult patients, depending on their lifestage and lifestyle. Adult health plans usually include parasite control, disease prevention, nutritional guidelines, diagnostic testing and behavioral support when needed. Vaccination programs are carefully tailored for each individual patient, recommending the necessary protection and avoiding over vaccination. Our comprehensive approach to wellness, we term "problem prevention". It is designed to keep your dog and cat fit and well throughout their adult lives.

Senior Pets

Naturally we all want our beloved pets to stay healthy and to live forever! Client education is one of the key components of the aging patient's health and welfare. Client involvement is critical for discussion of changes in diet, activity and behavior. Regular examinations and diagnostic testing are recommended to help focus on addressing and preventing problems at their earliest stage.The goal is to maximize comfort and quality of life for our dignified older friends.

House Call and Home Care Service:

Some thirty years ago, Dr. Marks started a veterinary practice in this area. House calls for both large and small animals were common place. Throughout the years Dr. Marks has realized the importance of homecare and house calls for the elderly and invalid pets, and for those individuals who find it so difficult to transport themselves to a clinic. For the past three years during the practice and integration of acupuncture, the value of house calls has become even more apparent. Some but not all animals are less anxious and better suited to treatment in the home environment.

The most difficult time comes when the decision is made to say goodbye to a beloved companion. At this time we will do all we can to make arrangements to be at the home when the time comes to finally help a faithful friend pass peacefully to another place.

Positive Pet Nutrition:

Nutrition is probably the most underemphysized and overlooked area of animal care. 
......”you are what you eat”...... certainly applies to animals too. The food we feed to our animals accounts for growth and development, provides energy, supports their immunity and defense against disease, and maintains general health and quality of life.
Nutritional concerns impact every pet at every stage of life. Weight control is of major concern. Overfeeding, lack of exercise and the incorrect diet are mostly responsible for the majority of overweight pets and their consequential poor health. An obese dog or cat is more prone to disease and multiple metabolic problems, such as allergies, irritated bowel disease, thyroid imbalance, diabetes and and liver disease, to name a few. The affected animal may become uncomfortable and painful, which in turn often leads to behavioral issues which often affect family interactions and relationships. 
We will explore and help you understand your pet's nutritional needs. We maintain a variety of specialized prescription diets and supplements and treats, designed to benefit patients with specific medical conditions. Our staff is trained to help and consult with you regarding home-made and wholesome diets. We will refer you, when necessary, to vendors who carry the appropriate and high quality food necessary for your pet. 

Emergency Care 

A sudden collapse, traumatic wounds, lacerations and injuries, continued vomiting, an incident of intense pain, exposure to enviromental and household poisons......all emergency situations! It is imperative that these situations are addressed imediately. Our surgical facilities with intensive care equipment and oxygen cages, allow us to manage a range of these critical situations. We offer these emegency services during our normal business hours.

After Hour Emergencies

After hour emergency hours are refered to one of three 24 hour emergency hospitals.

  • Tufts VETS Walpole MA.
  • Angell Memorial Hospital Jamaica Plain MA
  • VCA South Shore Quincy MA

At all three of these facilities expertly trained staff along with emergency veterinary specialists are available on a 24 hour basis. They are more than capable of handling any emergency situation. Their staff remain in contact with us when one of our patients is under their care. Once stable, patients will be refered back to our clinic for continued care.

Pet Surgery Services: 


Ashfield Cheyne provides patients with advanced technical and surgical techniques. Once a surgical procedure is recommended it is our duty to make sure you the owner has a thorough understanding of the entire situation. Each patient is screened using diagnostic pre surgical lab tests to ensure each pet is in optimal health. Anesthetics are specifically tailored to the patient's needs. Many parameters are monitored throughout the surgery to ensure a patient’s safety. These include blood pressure, oxygen levels, respirations and body temperature. IV lines are used for the safe administration of medications and intravenous fluids during the procedure. During recovery your pet receives individual attention by trained veterinary nurses. Pain medication is administered, and vital signs are monitored until the patient is comfortable, stable and fully awake. Finally, prior to discharge, post surgical instructions and a pain management plan will be reviewed and explained to the owner. Medications to administer at home are often dispensed.


Ashfield Cheyne Veterinary Service has a fully stocked pharmacy. Our inventory includes a variety of medications commonly dispensed for various illnesses and conditions. Many carefully selected supplements, products for tick and flea control, along with prescription diets are on hand and conveniently available at competitive prices.

Diagnostic Imaging, X-Ray, and Ultra Sound: 

Our modern digital x-ray equipment provides us with the highest resolution and therefore the highest quality x-ray images. Accurate assessment can be made to help determine and identify even the most subtle changes which affect the heart and lungs, the abdominal organs, and the muscular skeletal system. When necessary, x-rays are sent for referral to a team of radiologists. Resulting consultations are usually complete the same day.

Ultrasound technology allows us to obtain dimensional views and images of the heart and lungs and all internal abdominal structures. This non-invasive procedure is the standard for diagnosis for most whole heart diseases. It can also help identify most problems and changes involving the liver, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, and intestines. A board certified specialist preforms ultrasounds at our facility as an out patient procedure. Dr. Marks will consult and review all the patients’ results with their owner.

Specialization and Speciality Referals: 
We work closely with a network of specialists when necessary. Often these specialists visit our facility, and perform examinations and proceedures in our clinic. Alternatively, patients are referred to these individuals within a network of neighboring specialty veterinary hospitals. Dr. Marks has worked closely and successfully with these doctors for many years. During this time Dr. Marks has developed a strong trust and respect for these doctors and their skills.

Dr. Nicholas Trout
Orthopedic surgeron
Dr. Michael Pavletic
General Surgery
Dr. Doug Brum
Internal Medicine
Dr. Ken Abrahams
Dr. C. Anderson
Dr. Alan Sisson
Dr. Stephanie Kube
Dr. Barret Bulmer
Dr. Frederica Maggio

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Ashfield Cheyne Veterinary Service offers general medicine and surgery as well as specialized services including acupuncture, low light laser therapy, integrative medicine, nutritional consultation, behavioral support, and diagnostic imaging. Proudly serving Norwood, Norfolk, Canton, Dover, Westwood, Walpole, Dedham, Wrentham, and the surrounding areas.